The Wait is Over ~ Broken Notes Extremitas Release Date
October 02 , 2011 - Posted by: Jason Gervais

The release date for our next album is October 31, 2011. We'll see you on that date... "in our special place".

Akira Yamaoka thanks Broken Notes
August 25 , 2011 - Posted by: Jason Gervais

Our friend Kevin recently met up with Akira at the Konami booth for E3 2011 and had the chance to record a video with him. They've met in the past and it was through him we became aware that Akira is in the know about us as well. Anyway, Akira basically wished us hello and thanked us for honoring the music of Silent Hill. You can see the video by checking our About section under the press section. We'd also be interested in a word-for-word translation of everything he said and if you'd like to help us out please contact me here.

Game.EXE Magazine Blurb Found
August 06 , 2011 - Posted by: Jason Gervais

Old news and old magazine! 2004 to be exact. They for sure must have included, without our permission I might add, music of the first Broken Notes album (seeing as our friend Kevin, the first albums artwork designer, is credited in it.) and packaged it as a CD inserted bonus along with the magazine. This information has been updated in the About page under the press section.

Sneak peak at Broken Notes Extremitas
June 04 , 2011 - Posted by: Jason Gervais

We're finally offering a look at some of the new songs from Broken Notes Extremitas! Listen to short samples of new music by Jason Gervais, Christopher So, Christophe Frutuoso, Samuel Drower and guest artist Dusty Kelly (aka. Fungo). Available only on our official YouTube channel. Click here. Our YouTube channel has alot to offer where you can sample our current library of music and also hear some exclusive content only available there.

There was also a blurb about Broken Notes on the popular Playstation Universe gaming website! Check it out here.

Official Facebook page and other news
February 15 , 2011 - Posted by: Jason Gervais

Broken Notes now has an official Facebook page! Special thanks to group administrator Gabriel for its creation. Please join us by visiting here.

There has been some fixes and a minor change of look to our website. As a reminder, it is recommended to view this site in a 1280x800 screen resolution. If you have any issues with our website please feel free to contact the webmaster here.

Music library updated
October 09 , 2010 - Posted by: Jason Gervais

It's been a long time since our music archives have been upgraded for consistency. Every album, except Broken Notes Sanatorium, has been updated with minor changes. The most notable changes include a properly tagged copy of Broken Notes Melancholy. Also re-added to the library are the unedited versions of the tracks from the first Broken Notes album. If there is any further issues with our library please feel free to let me know.

New YouTube videos
September 05 , 2010 - Posted by: Jason Gervais

Check out some of our new videos posted on YouTube located here, featuring more of the best of our albums. Among the new videos features unreleased music from Shoxware Games's cancelled independent videogame "Mindbreaker: Echo Park" designed a few years ago. The game would have featured new original music by Jason Gervais along with previously released tracks from some of the artists at Broken Notes from our album library.

Broken Notes featured in Silent Hill 2 - The Movie
September 04 , 2010 - Posted by: Jason Gervais

Alot of our library of music was featured in Fungo's compilation movie of Silent Hill 2. Check it out on YouTube (Part 1, Part 2, Part 3) or get it direct from Silent Hill Media. If you've come here in search of the music featured in the movie please check the Albums page for our library.

Official YouTube channel
July 24, 2010 - Posted by: Jason Gervais

If you've some time to spare feel free to check out our official YouTube channel located here. It features some of the best of Broken Notes as selected by our artists. You can also hear two new tracks designed for Broken Notes Extremitas, the proposed future album.

Welcome back to Broken Notes

July 23, 2010 - Posted by: Jason Gervais

Hello everyone, we'd like to welcome you back to our website. The website has been redesigned to make it clear we're still alive and about. I was well aware the previous version of the website featured many broken links and it's the fact it hasn't been updated or maintained in ages. The reason being was I stepped down as webmaster to focus on other things and pretty much everything got disorganized from then on. I've decided to return as webmaster for the sake of keeping the site organized and to make this the hub once again for all things Broken Notes.

First time here? Don't have any idea who we are? Check out our About page to find out more. We've been around for many years, ever since around the release of Silent Hill 2, and I think alot of the older Silent Hill community would be aware of us than the new. Old or new you're very welcome to check out our Albums and relive the memories or if you're new to our work enjoy them for the very first time.

I hope you enjoy the new look and you're welcome to send any suggestions, criticism, or feedback to me.

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