The Beginning
Before this project was given it's name (Broken Notes) it started out with just two people without a band name, Jason Gervais and Sam Dean, back in 2002. Their goal was to create a fan album inspired by Akira Yamaoka's music for, at the time, Silent Hill 1 and Silent Hill 2. This album later became known as the Silent Hill Fan Soundtrack and received a limited release on a handful of gaming forums. After it's release it inspired the both of them to create a follow-up album.

Broken Notes
During production of the second album they came into contact with John Anthony Mathewson whom was creating a fan album of his own (which would have been titled Broken Notes) and came to a mutual agreement to combine their two projects together and call the album Broken Notes. At the beginning of November 2003, the album was placed for download on a mini-website featuring music by John, Jason, and Sam. This particular album received a great amount of attention from the community and was widely praised. It encouraged the three of them to put together a third album which took over a year to finish. An official website was also put together for the band to keep fans updated on all the latest news.

  • Broken Notes Melancholy
    This was the third album released and it featured music once again by John, Jason, and Sam. Newcomers included Christopher So, Christophe Frutuoso, Derrick Koo, and Sunburst. The album expanded across two discs and featured a wide variety of music styles.

  • Broken Notes Intermission I and II
    Broken Notes was often labeled as a Silent Hill only group and the goal of these albums was to steer clear from anything having to do with that image and that we were capable of doing other types of music. They were not rather popular releases as our other works but each album still had lasting impressions for some of our fans.

  • Broken Notes Sanatorium
    Originally this album was going to be four discs but following Sam's departure and as well life getting more busy many our of members became less motivated for doing another round. It was decided to release the album in different parts labeled as chapters. The first part/chapter was the only one given a proper release featuring music by Jason, Chris, and Christophe. There is a total of three parts/chapters to Broken Notes Sanatorium and they have now for the first time been given a proper release on our official website.

  • Broken Notes Extremitas
    The fourth Silent Hill inspired album from Broken Notes. It featured the return of Jason Gervais, Sam Dean, John Anthony Mathewson, Christopher So, Christophe Frutuoso, and Samuel Drower. Guest artist included Diego Reynos. The expanded version featured additional music from the team and guest artists Fungo, SinFearSilence and Kurtis Hamilton.

PSM3 Magazine (UK) - September 2007 - Issue 91
Features an article about Nick Greenlee`s popular CG movie, "Silent Hill: No Escape". Broken Notes is mentioned in the article twice. Here is what PSM3 UK had to say about Broken Notes (special thanks to Nick for these scans): Scan 1, Scan 2, Cover

Game.exe (Russia) - March 2004 - Issue 3
The first Broken Notes album is included as a CD insert bonus and is mentioned about in one of the pages. Scan 1, Cover

E3 2011 - Akira Yamaoka at the Konami Booth
Our friend Kevin met up with Akira Yamaoka at the Konami booth and had the pleasure to record a video with him. He said hello and gave his thanks to the Broken Notes team for honoring the music of Silent Hill. The video can be seen here. We apologize for the quaity as it was recorded on a phone and in the middle of the Konami booth where there is alot of noise going on.

  • Is your works available for purchase?
    Not at the moment. They are freely available for download.
  • May I use your music for my own personal and business use?
    Please ask for permission from each songs respective artist. Please use our contact page if you wish to get into contact with a specific artist. You absolutely may not use our music without permission.
  • Do you or will you ever offer music from the Silent Hill soundtracks for download?
    No. It is prohibited. We have no interest in making the soundtracks available for download.
  • Is Akira Yamaoka aware of Broken Notes?
    Yes. To what extent is unknown. One of our associates whom works in the video game industry was able to ask Akira in person if he was aware of Broken Notes and he said yes. He was given two CD's of our work by our associate. Our same associate also had the chance to record a video with Akira saying hello and thanked us for honoring the music of Silent Hill. See the 'Press' section above for more information.
  • Do you have anything to do with a movie called "Broken Notes" which is a fan movie based off of Silent Hill 2?
    No, we had no direct involvement with that film. However, music from our albums are featured in the film.
  • Are you aware of the other Silent Hill inspired albums?
    Yes, we're aware of most of them. Whether we played any direct inspiration for these albums is not directly clear.
  • What other productions have featured Broken Notes music?
    - The popular CG film "Silent Hill: No Escape".
    - "Broken Notes", the Silent Hill 2 fan based movie.
    - "Mindbreaker: Echo Park". The game was unfortunately never released.
    - Various YouTube videos. Most notably, Fungo's Silent Hill 2 compilation film.

    - Amnesia mod-game "White Night".
  • What do the previous versions of this site look like?
    There is no available screenshot of Version 1 but here is what Version 2 and Version 3 look like.
  • I'm a musician and would like to join Broken Notes, are you looking for new talent?
    We are no longer looking for new talent.

  • Will your album library ever be remastered for enhanced quality?
    Unfortunately, no. Many of the artists no longer have the masters to the majority of the music and many tracks were not archived in their uncompressed format. Some tracks are possible to be released in the highest quality possible as they were mixed from an uncompressed format and perhaps at some point we will make it available to the public.

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