Broken Notes presents "Lakeside Tales"
March 13, 2015 - Posted by Jason Gervais

A brand new album featuring music by Broken Notes veteran Christopher So has been released. Visit the ALBUMS page to get it, you'll see it under "Solo Works".

Broken Notes Melancholy 10th Anniversary
February 15, 2015 - Posted by Jason Gervais

Today marks the 10th anniversary of Broken Notes Melancholy! Production on this release began very shortly after the release of the self titled Broken Notes album. At the time we had some interest from a number of musicians who wanted to be apart of our project. Chris So and Derrick Koo were personally requested to join the project while Christophe Frutuoso, Samuel Drower and Sunburst were found by them applying through our website. The album also featured music by project creators Sam Dean, John Anthony Mathewson and Jason Gervais. We had so much music that we were not able to include a small portion and that blended into the first Intermission release (which is also celebrating its 10th anniversary today). If you haven't already or maybe if you want to be look back at one of our most important releases you can visit the ALBUMS page and download the full album there.

Shortly after the release Sam Dean had announced her departure from the Broken Notes project which, at the time, caused some drama with our fanbase. Some even citing it as the end of Broken Notes! However, the project continued forward and went on to put out two more major releases over the years. Our music also went on to be featured in films, video games and other various productions. It was a great time for Broken Notes, to say the least!

Special thanks to everybody who contributed! It's crazy to think it's been 10 years for this and over 13 years this project has been kicking around! Last but not least, a big thanks to our listeners over the years! Some of you may have come and gone or even stick with us through the years but either way we want to say we appreciate everyone who checked-in.

Website Host Change and Broken Notes Featured In "A Story of Salvation"
February 1, 2015 - Posted by Jason Gervais

You may have been experiencing issues with our downloads lately. The reason was in relation to our website host at the time and unfortunately required us to completely switch to a new host altogether. Everything should be functional as it was before but if you are experiencing any issues please e-mail us HERE.

Broken Notes music was featured in an independent text-based game called "A Story of Salvation" that you can check out HERE. You can play for free online! Special thanks to the creator of this game, Dave Darbyshire. Make sure to leave a comment and/or review if you enjoyed playing!

Upcoming Sample Released - Sneak Peek of Version 5
October 31, 2014 - Posted by Jason Gervais

We've released a single track sample of an upcoming Broken Notes release! And your first peek at the new version of our site... Click Here!

Evolution One Now Hosted On Broken Notes
October 1 , 2014 - Posted by Jason Gervais

The Evolution One website is now hosted here at Broken Notes. You can check it out here!

Evolution One: Promo Release Date - The Future of Broken Notes
February 18, 2013 - Posted by Jason Gervais

Evolution One will release it's first promo on February 26th, 2013! Featuring new music by some of the talents here at Broken Notes.

What about the future of Broken Notes? We haven't forgotten about all of you and we know you've been wanting more. We're currently in the planning stages of organizing another project! We refuse to pass our 10th anniversary this November without saying a word. You will never guess what we have in store for you...

Stay tuned!

Silent Hill: Rebirth - Final Update for 2012
December 20, 2012 - Posted by Jason Gervais

From the Broken Notes crew we'd like to wish you a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! Thank you for your continued support and we hope 2013 will be even more exciting for all of us!

For the final update of the year we're proud to announce some of our music will be used in the upcoming fan game, "Silent Hill: Rebirth"! It is scheduled to be released for free December 24, 2012. For more information check out their site by clicking here. Special thanks to the game director, José Guzmán!

Evolution One - Website and Facebook Launch
December 10th , 2012 - Posted by: Jason Gervais

Keep up with the latest news of our new project, Evolution One! Visit the brand new official website and Facebook page!

Silent Hill Fan Soundtrack - 10th Anniversary!
December 10th , 2012 - Posted by: Jason Gervais

This month marks the 10th anniversary of the Silent Hill Fan Soundtrack! The music was done by Jason Gervais and Sam Dean who later would both return for 2003's Broken Notes album alongside John Anthony Mathewson.

Jason recalls his experience working on the album: "The Silent Hill Fan Soundtrack was actually the most fun I ever had on an album. Everything was new to me back then and I had just learned how to use a music program called Fruity Loops in high school. I loved it so much I wanted to use it at home to create my own music.

I was apart of a Resident Evil forum community back then and Sam was apart of that. I knew she was doing her own music then so I asked her if she wanted to collaborate on an album together. We both liked Silent Hill a lot so it seemed appropriate we would do an album in tribute to the series. My idea was, and the reason it's called a "fan soundtrack", if Konami would have approached us then to do the music for the next Silent Hill game that effort would have been our soundtrack. It's release was made public on our forum community and was met with generally positive reviews. It led us to start work on a sequel album which would have been called the Silent Hill Fan Soundtrack II. I don't quite remember how I got into contact with John but it could have been about his soundtrack rips he did for Silent Hill 1 and 2. After some talking I found out he was doing his own music project called... Broken Notes.

We both liked the idea of combining our two projects together and in the end we went with John's project title (Broken Notes). It released in 2003 on it's own mini-site and the response from the Silent Hill community was very generous over time. It wasn't until we released the Melancholy album we started to ask, "So, what are we going to call this band?". One of us just answered with the most logical answer, "Let's just call ourselves Broken Notes". So, in 2005 we released Broken Notes Melancholy and all albums afterwards would follow in the same tradition.

The Silent Hill Fan Soundtrack is actually, technically speaking, not even apart of Broken Notes history when you consider what I just told you. We didn't want our efforts to go lost so we decided to include it apart of our eventual official website. It has confused fans for years in thinking this is the first Broken Notes album when in fact it's not. It was just a tribute album me and Sam did years ago for the fun of it before Broken Notes came to be. It just became immortalized as apart of Broken Notes history and i'll always regard it as the first steps to what became a much bigger and clearer vision."

You can listen to the Silent Hill Fan Soundtrack by visiting our Albums section!

Evolution One: Teaser Announcement
November 15 , 2012 - Posted by: Jason Gervais

Phase 1: Evolution One will be our next project! Get your first listen to the demo teaser for Evolution One's currently untitled debut album at the official Broken Notes Youtube channel. Click here to check it out. You'll hear more about all of this soon enough!

Stay tuned...

Official Twitter page now available
November 13 , 2012 - Posted by: Jason Gervais

Broken Notes is now available through Twitter! Come join us over there to keep up with the latest news. Our Twitter page is located here.

Diego Reynoso and Akira Yamaoka - Live in concert!
November 11 , 2012 - Posted by: Jason Gervais

Diego Reynoso of Alquimia Sound Studio, one of the contributing artists for Broken Notes Extremitas, had an incredible dream come true... playing live in concert in Mexico with the man himself - Akira Yamaoka! In his own words he recalls the experience:

"One of my biggest dreams came true. The musicians that were supposed to play with Akira-san couldn't make it to Guadalajara. So, my Akira Yamaoka tribute band and I ended up playing the whole gig with him."

You can view one portion of the concert at YouTube by clicking here. Congratulations to our friend, Diego!

Broken Notes featured in Silent Hill 3 - The Movie
July 13 , 2012 - Posted by: Jason Gervais

Broken Notes music is once again featured in Fungo' sequel, Silent Hill 3: The Movie. Please visit the dedicated page for it by clicking here. While you're at it you really should also check out the other content available on the site. Special thanks to Fungo and Twin Perfect.

If you are visiting us after watching the film you can download our music by simply checking out the Albums page. All information as to what tracks were used from which albums are available here in order as they appear in the film.

Broken Notes Extremitas ~ 2-Disc Expanded Version Release
April 01, 2012 - Posted by: Jason Gervais

Check out the latest release from Broken Notes, a 2-disc expanded version of Broken Notes Extremitas! Featuring music from Jason Gervais, John Anthony Mathewson, Sam Dean, Christopher So, Christophe Frutuoso, Samuel Drower, Diego Reynoso (Guest artist), Fungo (Guest artist from Silent Hill Media), Kurtis Hamilton (Guest artist), and SinFearSilence (Liminal Records' Guest artist). The tracklist for the first disc remains the same. It's only difference is that each track does not cross fade into each other and are presented in their original versions. The second disc includes additional music that wasn't used for the original release, most of which has never been heard before! Both are available as an MP3 and WAV download. It is recommended to download the WAV version as it will present Broken Notes Extremitas (Expanded Version) as it's meant to be heard in the highest possible quality. WinRAR is required to download all files.

Stay tuned...

Mindbreaker: Echo Park Soundtrack Release
February 19 , 2012 - Posted by: Jason Gervais

For the very first time the soundtrack for Mindbreaker: Echo Park is finally released. Mindbreaker: Echo Park was to be released on the WiiWare by an independent company known as Shoxware. It was to be a game inspired by such franchises like Resident Evil and Silent Hill. Unfortunately, the project never saw the light of day. Jason Gervais was hired to write music for the game back in 2005 and upon listening you may reconize some of his material from Broken Notes Sanatorium. It should be noted that these pieces were originally written for this project and so therefore for completeness are included with this release. Head on over to our Albums page and check under Additional Works for the link to the soundtrack for Mindbreaker: Echo Park!

Coming soon from Broken Notes
January 08 , 2012 - Posted by: Jason Gervais

Come join us in the discussions over at our official Facebook page, click here. It's the next best thing to the ancient forum this website used to have and one of the ways to get in touch with some of the musicians here at Broken Notes. While you're at it, feel free to also check out our official YouTube channel here. We've recently upgraded the latest videos to 720p HD resolution for a higher listening experience closer to the original quality.

Could 2012 be another exciting year for Broken Notes? We have a big upcoming release of the unedited tracks from Broken Notes Extremitas along with an amazing amount of unreleased music. There is other things happening but we can't tell you about those just yet...

Happy Holidays from Broken Notes
December 25 , 2011 - Posted by: Jason Gervais

Broken Notes wishes you a merry christmas and happy new year! Early 2012 will see the release of all the unedited versions of the tracks from Broken Notes Extremitas, along with unreleased bonus tracks not included in the final release to go along with it. Stay tuned!

Broken Notes Extremitas launch
October 31 , 2011 - Posted by: Jason Gervais

Broken Notes is proud to present Broken Notes Extremitas, the fourth Silent Hill inspired album! It features the return of Sam Dean, Samuel Drower, John Anthony Mathewson, Christopher So, Christophe Frutuoso and Jason Gervais. The album also features one guest artist, Diego Reynoso from Alquimia Sound Studio. You can check out his website here. Head on over to our Albums page (or click the image above) to access the choice of an MP3 or WAV download. It is recommended to download the WAV version as it will present Broken Notes Extremitas as it's meant to be heard in the highest possible quality. WinRAR is required to download all files.

It's been more than five years since our last album and we hope it's been worth the wait for all of you. It's been a long process to get this all together and the honest truth is that we all lead very busy lives. We opted to make this album only one disc as we wanted to bring our fans back to the beginnings of the Broken Notes project which started with a single disc to bring things to a full circle. Broken Notes Extremitas features a cover of Silent Hill 2's Theme of Laura, rearrangements of original music from the first Broken Notes, the Silent Hill Fan Soundtrack, Broken Notes Sanatorium and as well as all-new material. You can also expect some other surprises in the future...

It's been an interesting last few years with Broken Notes featured in popular films such as Silent Hill: No Escape, Broken Notes: The Movie, and most recently in Fungo's Silent Hill 2 film. You can also hear us in the recent mod game White Night for the popular title Amnesia: The Dark Descent. We've been featured in PSM3 (UK) in an article about Silent Hill: No Escape and Game.Exe (Russia) as a DVD insert. If you've been a hardcore follower of the online community of Silent Hill since the release of Silent Hill 2 you've likely already heard about us through the massive word-of-mouth our project has generated throughout the years. We've even inspired some people to create their own Silent Hill themed albums (such as the beginnings of Liminal Records). Even Akira Yamaoka himself has praised this project for honoring the music of Silent Hill. Learn more about us here. Thanks for listening and stay tuned...

The Wait is Over ~ Broken Notes Extremitas release date
October 02 , 2011 - Posted by: Jason Gervais

The release date for our next album is October 31, 2011. We'll see you on that date... "in our special place".

Akira Yamaoka thanks Broken Notes
August 25 , 2011 - Posted by: Jason Gervais

Our friend Kevin recently met up with Akira at the Konami booth for E3 2011 and had the chance to record a video with him. They've met in the past and it was through him we became aware that Akira is in the know about us as well. Anyway, Akira basically wished us hello and thanked us for honoring the music of Silent Hill. You can see the video by checking our About section under the press section. We'd also be interested in a word-for-word translation of everything he said and if you'd like to help us out please contact me here.

Game.EXE Magazine blurb found
August 06 , 2011 - Posted by: Jason Gervais

Old news and old magazine! 2004 to be exact. They for sure must have included, without our permission I might add, music of the first Broken Notes album (seeing as our friend Kevin, the first albums artwork designer, is credited in it.) and packaged it as a CD inserted bonus along with the magazine. This information has been updated in the About page under the press section.

Sneak peak at Broken Notes Extremitas
June 04 , 2011 - Posted by: Jason Gervais

We're finally offering a look at some of the new songs from Broken Notes Extremitas! Listen to short samples of new music by Jason Gervais, Christopher So, Christophe Frutuoso, Samuel Drower and guest artist Dusty Kelly (aka. Fungo). Available only on our official YouTube channel. Click here. Our YouTube channel has alot to offer where you can sample our current library of music and also hear some exclusive content only available there.

There was also a blurb about Broken Notes on the popular Playstation Universe gaming website! Check it out here.

Official Facebook page and other news
February 15 , 2011 - Posted by: Jason Gervais

Broken Notes now has an official Facebook page! Special thanks to group administrator Gabriel for its creation. Please join us by visiting here.

There has been some fixes and a minor change of look to our website. As a reminder, it is recommended to view this site in a 1280x800 screen resolution. If you have any issues with our website please feel free to contact the webmaster here.

Music library updated
October 09 , 2010 - Posted by: Jason Gervais

It's been a long time since our music archives have been upgraded for consistency. Every album, except Broken Notes Sanatorium, has been updated with minor changes. The most notable changes include a properly tagged copy of Broken Notes Melancholy. Also re-added to the library are the unedited versions of the tracks from the first Broken Notes album. If there is any further issues with our library please feel free to let me know.

New YouTube videos
September 05 , 2010 - Posted by: Jason Gervais

Check out some of our new videos posted on YouTube located here, featuring more of the best of our albums. Among the new videos features unreleased music from Shoxware Games's cancelled independent videogame "Mindbreaker: Echo Park" designed a few years ago. The game would have featured new original music by Jason Gervais along with previously released tracks from some of the artists at Broken Notes from our album library.

Broken Notes featured in Silent Hill 2 - The Movie
September 04 , 2010 - Posted by: Jason Gervais

Alot of our library of music was featured in Fungo's compilation movie of Silent Hill 2. Check it out on YouTube (Part 1, Part 2, Part 3) or get it direct from Silent Hill Media. If you've come here in search of the music featured in the movie please check the Albums page for our library.

Official YouTube channel
July 24, 2010 - Posted by: Jason Gervais

If you've some time to spare feel free to check out our official YouTube channel located here. It features some of the best of Broken Notes as selected by our artists. You can also hear two new tracks designed for Broken Notes Extremitas, the proposed future album.

Welcome back to Broken Notes

July 23, 2010 - Posted by: Jason Gervais

Hello everyone, we'd like to welcome you back to our website. The website has been redesigned to make it clear we're still alive and about. I was well aware the previous version of the website featured many broken links and it's the fact it hasn't been updated or maintained in ages. The reason being was I stepped down as webmaster to focus on other things and pretty much everything got disorganized from then on. I've decided to return as webmaster for the sake of keeping the site organized and to make this the hub once again for all things Broken Notes.

First time here? Don't have any idea who we are? Check out our About page to find out more. We've been around for many years, ever since around the release of Silent Hill 2, and I think alot of the older Silent Hill community would be aware of us than the new. Old or new you're very welcome to check out our Albums and relive the memories or if you're new to our work enjoy them for the very first time.

I hope you enjoy the new look and you're welcome to send any suggestions, criticism, or feedback to me.

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