Mission Statement
Evolution One strives to deliver an endless array of new and exciting music for everyone, no matter what you're into.
> Connections
It was ten years ago when a group of Internet buddies thought I'd be awesome to do an album inspired by one of their favorite video game franchises. That franchise was Silent Hill - a popular hit in Japan once led by Team Silent. Their love for the games led to the birth of a music project called Broken Notes. Over the years Broken Notes has become a household name amongst Silent Hill music fans all around the world. It's been mentioned in two video game magazines, featured in many popular fan productions, and continues to be praised - even by the original Silent Hill series composer himself, Akira Yamaoka.
> Ten Years Later...
There was an idea pondered upon for many years and often discussed between members of the Broken Notes crew. The big question went something like this, "How do we shift Broken Notes from a Silent Hill-inspired endeavour into the kind of music I really want to do?". Broken Notes continued to maintain a strict fan base despite efforts to shift directions (Intermission series) over half a decade ago. One thing was clear, it had to have it's own soul. It needed to completely break free of the "Broken Notes" image attached to it. This became the stepping stones for this project... Evolution One!
Evolution One
Helping to bring this project to light were many of the musicians from Broken Notes. It seemed only appropriate they should be the ones to start our overture and where all of this should take us remains entirely up to what's ahead in the future!

This being an entirely fresh project we hope to flesh out this section as time goes by. A part of our history is entirely depedent on you, the fans, to help spread the word about us. Like what we're doing? We always love to hear from you!

Frequently Asked Questions
Please read this FAQ before sending an e-mail to us. Your question(s) may be answered in here already and should you have additional enquiries please contact us.
Are any of your works available for purchase?
We currently only offer our music to download for free. We are currently looking into this subject with careful consideration.
Are any of your talents available for hire?
Many of us are always interested in becoming apart of media, film or video game productions. If you think one of our artist(s) fits what you're looking for please feel free to contact any of them by visiting the Artists page. There you will find their contact information contained within their profile.
I would like to join the talents of Evolution One, what do I do?
Thank you for your interest. If you are interested in joining Evolution One, please read the following:
1) You must provide us with at least a minimum of two (2) demos (MP3 format only) of your best works.
2) You're welcome to link us to your Reverbnation, SoundCloud, YouTube channel, etc. page if it's of more convenience.
3) Provide us with a list of any music project(s) you're currently or have been apart of. If none, please inform us.
4) Have a passion for music, good understanding of the music production, able to meet reasonable deadlines, and capable of writing for a few (3) different genres.
5) Understand that this is strictly, for the moment, a non-profit project. We will be able to provide you with at least one important thing: exposure to you and your music.

If you meet these requirements and you're interested in becoming a part of our team please visit our Contact page.
I would like to use your music. How do I get permission from you?
Thank you for your interest. Firstly, please start by contacting us directly by clicking here. Our procedure is that you will properly credit the specific artist(s) you intend on using either within your project itself or should this be impossible by some other visible form to the public (do not credit us as simply "Evolution One" and/or any other of its variations). Please note: all music is © to their respective ownerships. All Rights Reserved. It is strictly forbidden to use our music without permission.
Is this a Broken Notes/Silent Hill related project?
While many of the members of the Broken Notes team are involved, this is not connected with that project.

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